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Its good to say what you want in a tiny post without judgement. For those who just come upon my post I’m Stephanie this 18 year old  girl living in the LA just wanting to write down what she lives through everyday. Today my mind is set on Best Friends and how distance maybe bad or good in a Friendship. According to me its no good. Me and my best-friend drifted apart. We graduated middle school ended up going to different High schools and then she just started talking about me to my other friends. Not cool but that’s life. We live in a society where talking about one another behind our backs in no biggie. Truth is we say we don’t care but we really do. Anyways back to my story, well lets just end it this way she unfriended me in every social network and ended up mad at me for no reason. So the Lesson for today is don’t get back stabbers as  friends & love life because everything is once in a lifetime experience 

-Stephy ❤


Vocab Words


1.  Imploringly: to beg urgently (He imploringly begged for more candy.)

2. Ruefully: causing sorrow ( People in the poor villages are ruefully.)

3. Gallant: brave/ noble- minded ( My brother is a gallant person.)

 4. hermit: person of seclusion ( Jimmy is a hermit when he wants to.)

5. Anoxic – lacking oxygen ( Anyone can be  anoxic in the world. )

Support Groups in the Community


The Social and Community Development Department put together a six week long work shop on how to make Shoes, Sandals, and Wallets from leather and tire rubber. Social and Community Development Department invited the community to attend the work shop and learn a new skill. After the work shop many of the participants use it and make stuff out of it to make money they call this work.  Its a good thing that they are teaching them new talents.

5 Vocab Words


1.Abhor– to hate someone, detest.

2. germinate– to begin ,sprout

3.manuscript– a book, paper, or document.

4.philanthropic– kind; generous

5. zenith – the top or peak of something.


I abhor the people who talk behind other back.

We generated on the project for tommorrow.

I found the manuscript with the spelling words from yesterday.

Not alot of people in the world are philanthropic.

It took us along time to get to the zenith of the mountains.



What intrested me in this article is how they really care about injurys many people have. Well the Northgate Lodge staff was taken  to a First Aid/HIV class.Instructor MaKenneth explained the importance of using gloves when treating an injured person. The staff learned how to take care of deep cuts on the body and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns.MaKenneth also talked about  how serious the HIV virus is in their community.The goal of the instructor was to educate the community and show them how to take care of  any emergencies.

5 Vocab Words


1. Capricious: unpredictible

2. Rapture: Great joy; feeling of ectasy

3. Incessantly: continually, without interruption

4. Stipulated: arrange in agreement

5. Renunciation: Declaration in which  something is given up

I found these words in a Story called “The Bet”  Pg.130,131,140

No Child Left Behind


What interested me in this artcile is how they take care of every Student. The Nata Primary School has no problem welcoming new student to the school. Because of gowing population problem more young students are registering for Primary school.  Teacher are making sure no child is left behind by creating classes outside the classroom. Education is really important to all the student in the Nata Primary School.

Volleyball Madness


The Nata Primary School has a unique boys and girls volleyball team.THis week they will compete against ninteen other schools artound the district. They were first place last year. They have sixteen players in the team and they have been practicing very hard to win their games. The team is looking for a sponsor to help them with new uniforms.

Webquest U.S. Constitution


ON Monday I researched all the states that sent delegates. On Tuesday I researched pictures for my cover and some clip art on the Constitution. Yesterday I shared my work with my group. I also found more clip art. Today I am looking for states who are didn’t send any delegates . Rhode Island didn’t send any thats all I found out.

School House Rock


What interested me in this article is their way of waking up the students and the people wo live nearthe school. Nata Primary School night watchman has a special way of waking up the school’s staff and the surrounding principles with in a mile raduis . He uses an old truck rim as the school bell for the students at Nata Primary School. Watchmans job is to hit the rim five times in the early morning 5:00 am. The five dongs will wake up the school staff living in the community. The students hear the first five dongs and have an hour and a half to get ready for class. This is how they wake up the school staff and the people who live near the school. 

Money see Monkey do


 When you go visit Diana beach you will see 20 rope bridges swinging over the highway. Well that is used to save the Angolan colobus monkeys from road traffic accidents. These ropes were built by the colobus trust foundation.  The bridges are made out of cable, rubber, and PVC. The bridges cost 500 dollars but it was worth it. Because of its success now they built more of these rope bridges. There are 23 bridges. Other kind of creatures like possums are using this bridge to get to the other side of the road. What intrested me in this article is how people do really care of these small creatures.

Confused boomcooler can’t be loaded with ice



As you know coolers are ment for putting in ice to keep drinks cold. Well there is a new invention named boomcooler and its a boom box and a cooler. This invention turned to not work. The problem with the invention was that you couldn’t put the ice inside because then the the speackers would explode. This invention cost poeople $899 dollars and it was very popular. The people that bought the item got really mad and so they sued the company that sold the items.

Helping the less fortunate and orphans


 The department of social and community are hepling the needy and orphans of a village for their next school semester. Sixty children were taken to have breafast and luch on their way to Maun. Maun is a large shopping are where many wealthy people go to buy clothes. Each kid had the chance to buy 400 pula (100 dollars in the U.S.)  worth of clothes for when they return to school.   

World changing intervie with Christopher Falvin


What interested me in this article is how an institute is caring about global warming and the other issues in the world. What i found out in the article is that Christopher Falvin is the president of World Watch Institute. In the isntitute they study global issues. Chrisopher thinks that him and the insitute are the founder of China’s and India’s enviornment and energy. They are focusing on global warming. This was christophers answer to some of the questions he was asked in a 2006 interview.  



The Nata Village School and the Sua Secondary School Health Club painted Murals to educate their community  on how to  stay healthy and knowing their status. Both Sua Secondary School and Nata Primary School worked hard putting this event together.The students hope the message will teach people alot of stuff . The students will continue to educate their community and travelers with more Murals on the A3 road that is in their community. I learned that to educate people in a unique way is by these Murals.

Caps_Lock allows for instant resizing of fitted baseball caps


Caps_Lock allows for instant resizing of fitted baseball caps

How many people wear hats and are tired of changing their hats when your heads grow? Now you don’t have to do that any more thanks to this new Caps_Lock technology invention. This hat lets you change the size of a fitted cap whenever you want. It includes a little knob on the side that you  twist to make the hat bigger or smaller.It’s perfect for all of us out there who hate resizing our hats.

Swanky wood projection clock goes vertical or horizontal

Swanky wood projection clock goes vertical or horizontal

Oregon Scientific brings its weather clockiness to the luxo market with this Auto Rotate Wooden Projection Clock. this stylish bedside timepiece automagically happens to please. Not only does it tell you the time in nice tall numbers for those of us who are bleary-eyed, it shows you the inside and outside temperature, along with its best guess at the weather forecast.It’s hooked up to the atomic clock, giving you  astonishing  accuracy. Too bad its woody luxo-look comes with a high price to match — it’ll set you back $130, and it’s “coming soon

Words of the day


nescience:Lack of knowledge or awareness

aegis:Protection; support.

ostensible:Represented or appearing to be true

Bodacious: thorough; blatant; unmistakable

apologia:A formal defense or justification, especially of one’s opinions, position, or actions.